A simple way for parents to bridge the Communication Gap with their children!

Where Love will be shared. Lives will be changed.
Hearts will be opened.

Hi, I’m “Mo”! (AKA Maureen)

I’m on a mission to tell parents that what they Say is being Heard

This is a one-minute explanation of my vision which I have been incubating for 20 years. Will you take a quick listen?

Communication can be complicated, Ask + Tell makes it Easier and Fun!
It helped me to…

Avoid The Drama“No more arguing, snooping, constant stress, ever-present fear, coming up with punishments all the time, being shut out and feeling sorry for myself.”
Feel More Secure"My lists are a personal report card on the life lessons I was teaching and every year I manage to pass!"
Get T(w)eens Talking“I know where I stand and it feels fantastic because she writes me lists of what she has learned from me.”
Getting Power Back“Now that communication is restored, I have the power to exercise authority without being fearful of her disapproval or shutting me out."

If You Ask!

They Will Tell!

Try this tool at home to Share Stories, Spread Love and Open Hearts.

A Live Wire of Love Flowing Back and Forth

More than a tool, Ask & Tell is a movement that I have quietly started in the last 20 years in my own home. I was quite surprised to find that I my circle of parent friends not one person had thought of this idea. And now they have, and it has begun.

1. Always respect those around you no matter what their life circumstances may be.

2. Never think that something is unachievable you just haven’t opened the right door.

3. Life is too short not to laugh and enjoy.

4. Cooking is whatever you make it to be, be bold and explore new ideas.

5. You are only as old as you feel inside.

1. Planning and hard work can lead to a successful life no matter where you start.

2. Be proud of your achievements.

3. Don’t drink your calories, unless its good booze.

4. It’s never too late to mend or build a relationship, it may be one of the best decisions you make.

5. Staying active leads to health longevity; seek the outdoors.

1. Make time for art

2. Savor life

3. Be brave when you're sad

4. Give more hugs

5. Embrace the mystery

1. How to cook and feel confident in the kitchen.

2. I am beautiful and worthy of love no matter the size of my body.

3. A loving, devoted mother can also be committed to work that is creative and challenging and helps others.

4. The pleasure of making guests welcome in your home and having it be a gathering place.

5. Life is better if you can laugh at it, and also pause to note the beauty of life as it comes.

I love you mom! Happy Mothers Day!

1. When she says shaving your legs isn’t worth it, listen to her

2. Change is good

3. Respect your self

4. Respect others

5. Learn to accept things

1. Kindness is never wasted

2. How to Ralph people

3. Firm handshakes make good first impressions

4. Always Do extra credit

5. Hard work pays off

1. Always do extra credit

2. Be careful about judging people

3. I’m beautiful

4. Take pride in what you do

5. Change is inevitable

Ask + Tell
Lists Created

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Lists Created
Countries creating lists
School Assemblies
Happy Families

A Transformational & Memorable Experience

For Kids, For Parents, For Teachers, Ask & Tell will shake you up. Let me bring this experience to your local school assembly, group, or event. I offer speaking engagements where fidgety school kids will sit still and be interested. Maxed out parents will nod their heads and identify. Meeting attendees will stop looking at their phones and look at this speaker. Podcasters and radio show hosts will ask her to be a regular.


Mo Will Tell If You Want To Hear!