My Vision

Holy Cow!
It Worked!

I have asked my children to tell me what they have learned for many, many years. Each Mother’s Day I ask for my list; and when it comes I am always delighted and surprised. I want other parents to have this experience. And other adults who have taken the time to love a child whether or not he or she was their own. This a global movement called Ask + Tell.


I believe in saying
Thank You.


Let’s tell our Parents and Grandparents…

  • All ages of children telling their parents each and every year what their life lessons have meant.
  • Asking and Telling to becoming part of the family fabric and weave a tapestry of appreciation between the child, young adult, grown adult and the parents or grandparents who raise them.
  • Lists of “What I learned from you” in family albums and framed and hanging on the walls of thousands of homes.  
  •  Parents pulling these lists out of their drawers after the children fly from the nest and to find comfort and solace in knowing they raised successful and loved children.

Let’s tell our Teachers…

  • Children of all grades to telling their hard working-dedicated teachers what they have learned.
  • Teachers reading the lists long after their students have graduated and become meaningful citizens of the world.
  • Teachers knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that they played a vital role.

Let’s tell Every Important Person in our lives…

  • All pivotal, vital, important relationships to have a live wire of love flowing back and forth.
  • Relationships having an open and humorous and grateful line of communication.
  • Aunts and uncles and grandparents and big brothers and big sisters asking for a list.

Ask + Tell is being translated into many languages.
It is a Global Movement.

The lists that are shared back will be curated and shared without global audience. Thousands of inspired lessons will spark both child and adults to open the channels of gratitude in their home and schools.

Lives will be changed, love will be shared, hearts will be opened, millions and millions…….

1. Always respect those around you no matter what their life circumstances may be.

2. Never think that something is unachievable you just haven’t opened the right door.

3. Life is too short not to laugh and enjoy.

4. Cooking is whatever you make it to be, be bold and explore new ideas.

5. You are only as old as you feel inside.

1. Planning and hard work can lead to a successful life no matter where you start.

2. Be proud of your achievements.

3. Don’t drink your calories, unless its good booze.

4. It’s never too late to mend or build a relationship, it may be one of the best decisions you make.

5. Staying active leads to health longevity; seek the outdoors.

1. Make time for art

2. Savor life

3. Be brave when you're sad

4. Give more hugs

5. Embrace the mystery

1. When she says shaving your legs isn’t worth it, listen to her

2. Change is good

3. Respect your self

4. Respect others

5. Learn to accept things

1. Kindness is never wasted

2. How to Ralph people

3. Firm handshakes make good first impressions

4. Always Do extra credit

5. Hard work pays off

1. Always do extra credit

2. Be careful about judging people

3. I’m beautiful

4. Take pride in what you do

5. Change is inevitable

1. How to cook and feel confident in the kitchen.

2. I am beautiful and worthy of love no matter the size of my body.

3. A loving, devoted mother can also be committed to work that is creative and challenging and helps others.

4. The pleasure of making guests welcome in your home and having it be a gathering place.

5. Life is better if you can laugh at it, and also pause to note the beauty of life as it comes.

I love you mom! Happy Mothers Day!

Start Asking and Telling
Today with an Easy Template!

This is about giving and receiving so go for it and be confident that when you ask your child or student or brother or sister they will be HAPPY to share what they have learned from you. For the young people reading this, choose a template, write down your life lessons and surprise the people who mean the most in your life. Mother’s and Father’s Days are perfect but any day is a good day to say ‘thank you.” And remember to share your list on Instagram. #AskandTellMo