Making a list is as easy as
1, 2, 3!

Choose your favorite template, reflect and write with love, and send it to your person.

Be brave and ask for a list. Choose a list for you, download it and email or mail it with a note that says , “Have you learned anything from me? Will you please make a list and share it with me?

Authentic, Loving Communication

A simple way for parents to Ask children what they learned & an authentic non-verbal way for children to reflect and Tell what they learned.

I have been on the parenting front lines for 29 years with three daughters now in their 20’s. I realized about 5 years into the process that I had no idea what was working. One year leading up to a Mother’s day I watched my three daughters worry about what to buy me. I stepped into the conversation and told them what I wanted.

Why don’t you make me a list of 10 Things You Learned from Me? That way I can tell if I’m being a good mommy!”

They absolutely loved it and for many years after I received colorful handmade lists that made my heart burst with joy and filled me with laughter. It not only inspired me to write a book about based on these lists, but I began to tell my friends about the idea. I suggested to my best friend Lisa to ask her grown daughters for a list. She and her husband Jim received a beautifully written and framed life lessons from their daughters that blew them away. Jim told me, “I read that list every single day.”

So I decided right there and then, I was going to create a simple way for the adults to prompt the children to remember, “what I said” and for children to share “what they heard”. It’s free, heartfelt, and so important to express gratitude.


Parents and Grandparents and Aunties and Uncles, Teachers and other Significant People in your life:
Have you ever wondered of what you are saying to your children, grandchildren, students’ hour after hour, day after day, year after year ever sinks in? Did they take in even a morsel of your hard won wisdom? Why not find out? Why not just ask? I can practically guarantee you will be both surprised and moved by what they share with you.

Children: (little and grown up)
What did you learn from the adults in your life as you were growing up that made a difference in how you think and act? What little lessons do you carry around with you that helped you become a better person? Wouldn’t it be wonderful I you would take a few moments to tell them and thank them?


Start Asking and Telling
Today with an Easy Template!

This is about giving and receiving so go for it and be confident that when you ask your child or student or brother or sister they will be HAPPY to share what they have learned from you. For the young people reading this, choose a template, write down your life lessons and surprise the people who mean the most in your life. Mother’s and Father’s Days are perfect but any day is a good day to say ‘thank you.” And remember to share your list!